"I feel I became an agent of change. The inspiration that the children in India gave me made me want to give more to help around the world."

Jeremiash Putney-Manzey, Age 13, Harris Academy, East Dulwich, 2015


"It was amazing because I used to take things for granted and I never used to care about my education that much, but after the challenge I realized that there are people in the world with seriously limited resources and I shouldn’t take anything for granted."

Iqra Zaman, Age 17, Eastbury Comprehensive, 2013


"RISE is amazing because you get to have a hands-on experience and learn from your mistakes, learn what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are at an early age and work on that. RISE gave me the opportunity to fulfill my potential."

Tina Kumar, Age 19, Eastbury Comprehensive, 2011


"When we Skyped our partner school some of the students told us that before they started RISE they didn’t care about education and had taken no time to think about their ambitions for the future. Now they told us that they dreamt of becoming doctors, teachers, etc. We were struck by this and it made us realize how privileged we are, and how much we can do as a collective community to help each other out."

William Nettleton, Age 14, Hampton School, 2015


"My students loved the partnership; it got them to reflect not only on their own situation, but realize that there are people around the world that have much worse barriers to learning. For the first time in their lives they has the opportunity to work to help someone else, rather than being victimized in the press or villified for being a young teenager. Actually, they were positive agents of change."

Joel Balkwill, Teacher at Globe Academy


"It was a great pleasure to attend Hampton School, the students were highly engaged in the subject matter and although coming from a non-teaching background I was not sure what to expect, the students were a pleasure to teach and quickly grasped the concepts being discussed. I would strongly recommend anyone to sign up for this fantastic initiative; it truly is a rewarding experience to know you are not only helping students in the UK, but also those in rural India."

Katie Fram, Analyst at Accenture - Led Workshop 3