Welcome to RISE

RISE works to raise the aspirations of young people in the UK and India. Take a look at our video to find out a bit more about our education projects in the UK and India:

Our 3 Projects:

1. 'Yearn to Learn'- a Bengali literacy intervention programme for 10 year old students who are at risk of dropping out of school in rural West Bengal.

2. 'ROAR Challenge'- A unique after-school project that connects students in the UK and rural India through a programme of social enterprise workshops and activity.

3. 'Survival Week' - An exciting fundraising challenge to give up one 'essentials' or can't live without item for a full week, to support raising funds and awareness for Yearn to Learn. When was the last time you stopped to appreciate the little things in your life? Now is the time!  Survive, compete with friends and colleagues, and help address illiteracy in rural West Bengal!

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Want to be a part of the RISING Movement?

Volunteer to inspire and teach local students in London
The ROAR Challenge is a unique after-school project for schools that connects students in the UK and rural India through a programme of social enterprise activity.
The Goal: 1) develop business and global citizenship skills, 2) create and run a social enterprise, and 3) support the partner schools in rural West Bengal with the profit made!

Volunteer your time to support RISE UK or RISE India!
As we grow in the UK and in India to serve our students more holistically across a wider range of ages and skillsets, we need all the hands we can get! Volunteer to help us manage social media, marketing and/or operations, connect us to business volunteers, participate in one of our Survival Week campaigns, or even run your own fundraisers!

Email Marion at info@rise-online.co.uk for more info.

Run or participate in Survival Week - a fun awareness and fundraising campaign! 
Seven days, one essential item, accessing literacy education for hundreds of children in rural India. WILL YOU SURVIVE?

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